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Arihant Dental Loup (R 3 X 0.420 mm) with LED

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Features :
• The most popular model among dental students, dental hygienists and dentist. Wide field of view and generous depth of field with high enough power for daily procedures
• Portable LED headlight High intensity>15000-30000Lux
• Continuous run-time:>5 hour
• The power of the LED bulb:1 W
• The lifetime of the bulb:10000 hour

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Specification :
•Dental Power Surgical Binocular Loupes Optical Glass Loupe R 3 X 0.420 mm with LED Head Light Lamp
•Expanded field sizes
•Long depth-of-field
•The highest quality, high-definition glass optics
•Excellent for dental students or first time Loupe users

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