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Anywhere, Anytime:-As the air compressor is compact and lightweight, you can carry it anywhere, anytime. Handle with rubber grip and wheels provide easy mobility.
This best quality air compressor comes with direct driven motor, it is maintenance friendly and saves power.
It can withstand voltage fluctuations from 180v to 240 .
Low wear and tear: The compressor is made with durable aluminum body which provides low wear and tear with cast iron sleeve.
The aluminum body will have a long life when compared to other materials. Better oil control :- The piston rings of unique design will have a better oil control and it will consume less oil and carry over.
The design is of world class and it will be suitable for all type of industries.
The good quality reed valve will produce less noise and it will reduce the noise pollution in the usage area.

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Air Compressor 1 HP with 25 Liters tank capacity is smaller, stronger and lighter air compressor in the power of 1 HP.
The top quality of the compressor can be a perfect companion for your business.


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