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ARGOS Advanced Optical Biometer

Quick Overview

• Technology: Optical Biometer based on 1 micron Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomography Video Keratometry with IR LED ring illumination
• Parameters: Corneal thickness, Anterior Chamber Depth, Lens thickness, Axial Length, Radii of flat and steep meridians (K-reading), White-to-white (Corneal diameter), Pupil size, Astigmatism
• IOL formules: Haigis, HofferQ, Holladay1, SRK/T, Shammas No-History
• IOL library: Manufacturer’s data uploadable from ULIB (User Group for Laser Interference Biometry) library source
• Peripherals: Daily calibration fixture, Desktop PC (refer to requirements on next page), Display Resolution 1600×900 pixel ( or greater)

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The Argos Advanced Optical Biometer is a noninvasive, noncontact device designed to maximize the clini-cian’s ease of use by streamlining biomet-ric acquisition and minimizing discomfort for the patient. The Argos is not yet clini-cally available; however, according to the manufacturer, it outperformed competi-tor devices in clinical trials.1 The Argos consolidates the process of acquiring biometric parameters with a high success rate and accuracy, even in the densest of cataracts. It provides precise ocular biom-etry for accurate selection of IOLs using swept-source OCT.With swept-source technology, a near-infrared swept laser is scanned across the patient’s eye. As light is detected return-ing from boundary layers, an accurate reconstruction of the ocular physiology is created in the device’s software. With the use of fast image reconstruction algo-rithms, real-time 2-D imaging of the eye is available during biometer alignment. Image acquisition for biometric and kera-tometric measurement takes the Argos less than 1 second, according to the company, with the device capturing six images in that span of time and generat-ing three sets of results, calculating aver-age and standard deviation values. The Argos optical biometer is based on coherent optical interferometry and tomography with lateral scanning of a 1-μm swept-source beam. Keratometry (K) values are generated by illumination


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