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Appasamy Yag Laser without Focus Shift 307

Quick Overview

•YAG Laser
•1064nm Wavelength
•Super Gaussian Mode
•Q-Switched Mode of operation
•Aiming beam:Dual Beam Method,Laser diode approx 635nm power 5mW(continuous Variable)
GMDN: 17774
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•Laser Wavelength:1064nm
•Mode : Super Gaussian
•Single pluse 10mj
•Double pulse 24mj
•Triple pluse 35mj
•Focus diameter 10µm in air(1/e²)
•Pluse length <4ns(type 2-3ns)
•Pluse repertition frequency 2.5Hz
•Cooling :Ambient Air
•Magnification 3step/5step
•Interpupillary distance 53mm to 75mm
•Eye pieces:12.5x
•Slit length:ø14.0,10.0,8.0,5.0,3.0,2.0,1.0mm
•Power supply:110-230V - 50Hz/60Hz

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