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Appasamy Wireless indirect ophthalmoscope (LED) AAIO-Wire Less

Quick Overview

* Focus distance:300 - 800 mm
* Inter Pupillary distance :50 - 74 mm
* Pupil size: optics1.00 mm
* Illumination:LED illumination
* Field:Good, Clear circular
* Illumination spot size:Ø4.0 mm, Ø3.0 mm, Ø1.2 mm
* Illumination area:Ø80 mm, Ø60 mm, Ø25 mm (at the distance 500mm)
* Illumination source:LED on the instrument
* Illumination control:Low, High
* Filters:Heat absorbing, Green, Cobalt blue
* Power supply:~110-230 V, 50-60 Hz
* Light source:LED
* Battery Rechargeable
* Physical Parameter
* Weight Net :550g & Gross 2.1Kg
* Dimensions (L x B x H):240 x 210 x 130 mm
GMDN: 32729
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* Compact and Light weight
* Stereo Optical System
* Has all Pupil Features
* Rechargeable battery integrated on head
* Brilliant white light with uniform and well spread LED illumination
* Direct operation is possible when battery is charging
* Simple & Smooth controls for adjusting the headband
* Availability Cobalt Blue and Green Filters
* Integrated Teaching Mirrors in Left and Right

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