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Appasamy Super deluxe Cryo with One Probe AA3

Quick Overview

* Completely non-electric,portable
* N2o Gas
* Foot controlled
* Instant defrosting
* Quick freezing and quick defrosting
* Automatic Probes cleaning

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* Completely non-electric, portable:yes
* Gas:N2o
* Foot controlled :yes
* Instant defrosting:yes
* Quick freezing and quick defrosting:yes
* Probes cleaning automatic
Cryo Probes Technical Details
* Probe temperature
* Cataract -40°c
* Retinal -80°c
* Glaucoma -80°c
* Intravitreal -20°c
* Useful for cataract, retinal detachment, glaucoma and intravitreal surgery
* Hammer headed / spatulated probe is available as optional
* Net weight : 5 kg

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