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Appasamy Ophthalmic Refraction chair Unit with stool AARU-2000 Elegant

Quick Overview

• The backrest of the hospital ophthalmic chair has full elevation system for smooth vertical patient positioning.
• The Ophthalmic chair has armrests and a footrest that move up and out of the way for patient convenience and comfort.
• The Ophthalmic chair can also rotate 180°, so the practitioner can rotate during selected procedures while the patient is repositioned.
• The Ophthalmic chair’s height is adjustable. Easy operation by foot control switch.
• All adjustments of the ophthalmic chair can be done motorized.

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• Seat minimum height:550 mm
• Seat Maximum height:710 mm
• Up &Down stroke:160 mm
• Seat Rotation:0 to 180°
• Back & Forward movement:95° to 175°
• Net Weight:196 kg
• Load Lifting:200 kg
• Motor Available: 24V DC
• Stabilizer required:1 kva min
• Minimum area required: 8’ X 10’
• Optional: Left side stand is also available for convenient
• Standard Color available: Blue, Gray, Maroon Green, Black
• AC Input :230V AC 50 Hz
• Fuses : 5A Slow Blow
• Power in VA 350 VA

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