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Appasamy Operating Microscope without Camera AAOM Brilliant Advent FS-9 & TV

Quick Overview

* Optics - Apo-Chromatic Optics
* Provides smooth five-step magnification changer with Motorized Foot Control & manual over-ride.
* LED Bright day light adjustable field and Integrated Co-axial illumination.
* Multi Function wired Foot switch.
GMDN: 35576
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* Optics :Apo-Chromatic Optics
* Eyepieces:Wide field Magnetic Push In Eye-piece 10x &(Optional : 12.5 x)
* Total magnification:0.4 x to 2.5x
* Binocular:0 to 90 Degree Tilt able
* Magnification: 5 steps (Manual / Motorized)
* Working distance:F = 200mm from Objective Lens (Optional=225mm)
* Field of view:10 mm to 70 mm
* Optics :All Objective Lens are strain proof & Anti-reflection Coated.
* Working Range 60mm x 60mm with Foot Switch Control
* Reset Position Push Button for XY
* Motorized. Fine Focus 50/50mm with Motorized Control
* Multi Function wired Foot switch. (XY Direction, Fine Focus Up/Down, Step Magnification Up/Down, XY Reset, LED On/OFF, LED Increase/Decrease)
* Type:Mobile floor stand on four castor wheels with locks.
* Vertical Stroke: 600mm
* Primary Arm:360 Degree Rotation
* Secondary Arm: 270 Degree Rotation
* Balancing:Counter Balanced suspension arm.
* Weight :110 kg.
* Non-Corrosive Stand
* UPS 1KVA with Stand
* LED Bright day light adjustable field and Integrated Co-axial illumination. (UV IR Free)
* Rotatable Filter - Blue, Yellow, Heat Absorption Filters and Retinal Guard.
* Power Input: 110v -230V AC, 50-60Hz
* Light Source: LED
* Fuse Rating:2 amp
* Classification:Class 1 Type B
* Operating Temperature :10-50 C
* Relative Humidity:15 to 90%

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