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Appasamy Naspro lens BBY Yellow Ashpheric Foldable

Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • Appasamy Naspro lens BBY Yellow Ashpheric Foldable is used to improve the lens’ optical efficiency.
Technical Specification
Ref NASY 207
Optic Diameter 6.00 mm
Overall Length 12.50 mm
A Constant 118
Diopter Range 7.50D To 31.00D in Steps Of 0.50 D
Material HEMA- Yellow Co Polymer Of Hydroxy Ethyl Methacrylate And Methyl Methacrylate
Positioning Holes None
Implantation Side Posterior Chamber
Edges Square
GMDN: 60895
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  • With biconvex optic design


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