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Appasamy Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope with Standard Accessories( Without 20D Lens )

Quick Overview

•Ideal for patients who are best examined and can be treated in supine
•Variable focus option is an added advantage.
•Small pupil adjustment.
•Variable focus option is an added advantage.

GMDN: 32729
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•LIO Type :Standard type, LED 1 watt
•Standard Spot Size : 200µm on retina
•Standard Working Distance :450mm
•Laser Safety Filter : Ultra clear view & permanently fixed
•Output 3.3V DC, 700 mA, LED
•Intensity Control :Continuously Variable
•Standard Filters :heat absorbing, green (red free), Cobalt blue
•Power Consumption : 2 Watts
•Power Input :110V/220V AC~60Hz/ 50Hz, 25VA
•Weight :~700 grams

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