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Appasamy DGH 555 Pachette 3

Quick Overview

• Simple to use.
• Turn on power and the Pachmate 3 is ready to take measurements.
• Automatic measurement mode for operation without an activation switch.
• Rapidly obtains and stores up to 25 measurements at a single location.
• Displays the current measurement, the average, and the standard deviation of all measurements taken.
• Mapping mode for obtaining and storing up to 33 actual and biased corneal mapped measurements.
GMDN: 45721
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• The PACHETT 3 uses the exact enhanced corneal thickness measuring algorithm used in all the DGH pachymeters used exclusively by the OHTS investigators.
• The DGH Model 555 PACHETTE 3 is capable of measuring and storing up to 25 measurements bilaterally in as little as 1.6 seconds per eye.
• The IOP correction calculation is built into the software.

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