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Appasamy Corneal Cross-Linking CL-UVR Rapid

Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • Appasamy Corneal Cross-Linking is a surgical treatment for corneal ectasia such as keratoconus.
User Interface LCD Display
Wavelength 365 nm
UV Power 0.7 mW/cm2 To 30mW/cm2
Working Distance 65 mm
Spot Size 6-11 mm
Dual Aiming Beam 635 nm, 1.0 mW (Adjustable)
Power Requirement 110-240V AC,60-50Hz
Weight 45 Kg
Illumination Intensity 1mW/cm2 to 6mW/cm2
Working Distance 30 mm

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  • Adjustable Illumination
  • Fine focusing system
  • Movable floor stand
  • Homogenized UV radiation system
  • Rotatable arm
  • Digital timer 1 minute to 99 minutes
  • Timer adjustable


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