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Appasamy Canon Digital Retinal Camera CR-2 ( Non - Mydriatic )

Quick Overview

* Fundus Autofluorescence
* 45° Non Mydriatic
* Dedicated EOS camera
* Wide ISO range.
* Photometric Auto Exposure
* Compact design
* Intuitive control
* Stereo photography
* Anterior eye photography
* Digital Red-Free and Cobalt images
* Bundled Software
* Open connectivity and DICOM compliant
GMDN: 10551
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• The CR-2 AF Digital Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera features the latest in Canon retinal imaging technology and enhancements in a compact and light weight design.
• The CR-2 AF also provides autofunctionality with contrast enhancement.
• It can be installed and takes up minimal space.
• For added convenience, the CR-2 AF camera can remain mobile for easy transportation when needed using an optional hard shell transport case, sold separately.

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