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Appasamy Bipolar Coagulator ACC001

Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • Appa samy Bipolar Coagulator is used to apply the electrosurgical energy to the target tissue to achieve the desired surgical effect.
Bipolar Frequency 515 kHz
Output RF Power 5w
Output Power Indicator Green LED
Display 7-Segment LED Display
O/P Level 0 to 9 Positions
Input Supply AC ~220V 50Hz (~110V/60Hz - Optional)
Fuse 1A Slow Blow
Power Consumption 25W
Dimension 190x170x90 mm
Weight 3 Kg

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  • Solid-state circuitry
  • LED indicator for power output
  • Wide selection of bipolar forceps and hemostatic erasers
  • Operatable with footswitch
  • Reusable bipolar cords, forceps & erasers
  • Elegant look and easy to use
  • Audible indication
  • Compact size
  • Standard accessories :
  • One set of bipolar cord and standard forceps
  • Footswitch


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