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Appasamy Applanation Tonometer AATM 5001

Quick Overview

Product Overview:
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  • Appasamy Applanation Tonometer is used to measures fluid pressure in your eye.
  • Specifications:
    Technical Specification:
    Type Applanation Tonometer
    Measurement Range 0 - 80 mm Hg in 2 mmHg Steps
    Measurement Accuracy ±0.5 mm Hg
    Physical Parameters:
    Dimension 47 x 30 x 85 (W x D x H) mm
    Weight 800 gm
    Compatibility All Model Slit Lamps

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    • Goldmann tonometry principle
    • Standard accessories:
    • Calibration bar (1), Prism (1), Mount base for head mount model / Tonometer base plate for base plate model


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