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Apollo Pharmacy First Aid Kit Premium

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Kit Contains:
* Crepe Bandage 6cm*4m-1 unit
* Adhesive Bandage 19mm*72mm- 4 unit
* Adhesive Bandage 25mm-4 unit
* Pain Relief Spray 35g-1 unit
* Povidone Iodine Ointment 20g-1 unit
* Digital Thermometer-1 unit
* Antiseptic liquid 50ml-1 unit
* Microporous Surgical Tape 1.3cm-1 unit
* Antacid tablets-9Nos
* ORS Sachet 21.8g-2 unit
* Clove Oil 2g-1 unit
* Disprin Tablets-10 nos
* Paracetamol IP-500mg Tablets-10 Nos
* Cotton Wool IP 15g-1 Unit
* Sterile Swab 5cm*5cm*12 Ply-4 unit
* Gauze Roll 7.5cm*4m-2 unit
* Scissor Small-1 unit
* First Aid Bag-1 unit

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* Apollo Pharmacy First Aid Kit Premium


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