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Apex PC Based Digital Uroflometry System DIGIFLOW-4

Quick Overview

* Fully Automatic.
* User Friendly PC based system.
* Uses PC's Parallel Port for communication with the hardware. The same port can be shared with a printer as well.
* Prints crisp and clear Colourful or Greyscale printouts on any color deskjet or laser printer installed on the PC.
* Real-time coloured display.
* Long Test Duration, upto 30 minutes.
* Multiple tests can be conducted successively without emptying the jar every time.
* Auto / Manual Start & Auto Stop.
* Patient Data with test results is stored in the PC and can be retrieved any time for reference or for reprinting.
* Maintenance free.
* Printout contains Graph and tabular text data.
* Flow Measurement Range : 0~50 ml/sec.
* Volume Measurement Range : 0~2000 ml.
* Facility to remove artefact manually.
* Siroky Nomogram (optional).
* Reusable urine container and funnel.
* High precision sensor for flow and volume.
* Selectable scaling (Zooming) for both display as well as print.
* Micturition chair (optional).
* Upgradation to Urodynamics possible.
* Packed with full On-line help.

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