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Apex Leg Traction Brace PT03 Small

Quick Overview

• Leg traction brace is a traction halter applied to the leg for below knee traction.
• It offers a distinct advantage of a very large holding surface area, ease of application and removal, patient comfort. Easy application.
• Easy monitoring, Distributes pressure evenly, Three-layered PU bonded fabric offers soft feel and plush looks. C
• omfortable cushioning through the Polyurethane layer, Inner layer provides good frictional characteristics.
• Multiple hook loop closures Ensure controlled compression. Large skin contact area Ensures no vaso-constriction.

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• Quality (Unique Special Points) :
Mainly given to patient complaining about decrease in nerve sensation in legs, leg traction effect or pulling effect releases the pressure on nerves & thus improves the sensation.
• Symptoms Indication :
Hip / Sacral Pain, hip/ sacral fractures.


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