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APEL Spectrophotometer (PD-303)

Quick Overview

Features :
* Small sample volume
o Minimum sample volume is 1.0ml.
* Flexible power source
o Power requirement is flexible from 100 to 240V AC.
* Long lamp life
o Long life span of lamp (approx. 2,000 hours)
* Analog out-put
o Using analog cable(Option), PD-303 can record date by recorder.
* Square, Round cuvette usable
o Square and round cuvette can be used without adapter.

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Specifications :
* Wavelength Range :340-1000nm
* Wavelength Width 10nm in entire region
* Wavelength Accuracy ±2nm at 365 and 546nm
* Wavelength Scale 2nm scale
* Spectroscope Sigle beam, Diffraction grating 1200 lines/nm
* Stray Radiant Energy <0.5%T typical at 340nm with appropriate light filter
* Display 3-1/2 digit LCD
* Photometric Range 0-1.999ABS
* 0-100%T
* 0-1999C
* Photometric Accuracy ±2%T
* Detector High sensitivity silicon photocell
* Light Source Long-life Tungsten lamp with lens
* Sample Volume 1.0ml(Minimum)
* Power Requirements 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 15W
* Dimensions 270(W)×285(D)×155(H)nm
* Weight Net 4.8kg (Main body)


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