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APEL Hematocrit Centrifuge (HC-702)

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Features :
* Designed for capillary tubes
o Particularly designed for centrifugation of the samples in the capillary tubes.
* Simple timer
o It can be used simply only by timer setup.
* Large cost cut
o A bold design change realized the large cost cut.
* Safety rock
o The brake and the lid opening and closing button are attached, and safety is raised.
* Renewed design
o A design is renewed, and while the outer case is made into plastic mold and is light-weighed, the surveillance window is also prepared in the upper part.

GMDN: 36465
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Specifications :
* Max. speed 12,000 rpm (Fixed)
* Max. centrifugal force 15,000 x g
* Max. Capacity 24 places
* Safety device Triple balance system
* Manual lid lock, lift cover and power cut off
* Fuse 110 V / 10 A, 220 V / 5A
* Timer 0 ^ÿ 15 min.(regressive type)
* Brake System Manual brake system
* Power Requirement 110 VAC or 220 VAC 50 / 60 Hz
* Power Consumption 180 W
* Dimensions 290 (W) X 320 (D) X 245 (H) mm
* Weight Around 8 kg (main body)


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