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Innovative Technology of Anyfusion
* Flow rate accuracy deviation of within ± 2% in real-time.
* Flexibly utilize both infusion pump mode and syringe pump
mode in a single unit.
* Irrelevant size of syringe, solution for frequent syringe replacement.
* Extensive usability with low impact of viscosity, temperature and
location of drug or pump.

Resolve problem On Existing Pump
* Possibility of use of division depending on volume and accuracy.
* Compatibility with all kind of I.V set and syringe.

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Flow rate :0.1-999.9ml/h
VTBI Selector,ml :0.1-9999ml
Total Volume :0.01-9999ml
KVO Rate,ml/hr :0.1-5ml/hr
IV Set :Compatible with any Brand Of IV sets
(Compatible with installed micro filter 0.2um-5.0um)
Purge Rate,ml/hr :700ml/hr
Bolus Rate,ml/hr :500(default),1-999.9ml/hr
Bolus Volume :3(default),0.1-99.9ml
Occlusion Pressure :110-750mmHg
Display :3.5 TFT-LCD(Resolution:240*320)
Power :AC 100-240 V,50/60HZ/Fuse:250V,1.6A
Battery Type :Rechargeable LI-ION
Battery Life :Approx 8 Hrs at 5ml/h 10 hrs at 25ml/h,7 hrs at 999.9ml/h
Recharge Time :Approx 5 Hrs.
Power Consumption :Max 65 VA
Dimension :102(W)*147(D)*204(H)mm
Weight :Approx 1.9 kg


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