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Anthos A5 Plus Dental Chair

Quick Overview

Venus Plus L Led Light:
* The dual-reflector LED operating light belongs to a new generation of intelligent lighting; it consumes up to 10 times less than a traditional light & has a guaranteed working life of over 50,000 hours
* 3-axis rotation for greater comfort & precision
* Adjustment of light intensity from 3,000 to 50,000 Lux
* Easy to clean removable handle

Continental Delivery Unit:
* 5 modules with lockable hangers
* Separate feather-touch keypad
* The O.D.R. (Out Drop no Retraction) device is a standard feature which avoids retraction of liquid droplets on instrument tips
* X-Ray viewer with automatic turn off
* Removable & autoclavable resting silicon pads
* Movable instrument tray below the delivery unit
* Anthos micromotor & scaler
* 2 nos. mid-west connections for high-speed handpieces

Water Unit And Assistant Arm:
*High-quality ceramic spittoon with programmable water input for spittoon & cup
* Assistant instrument table, fitted on an articulated arm for 2 suction (Low & High supplied with DÜRR VS 250 S suction system) & optional instruments
Shelf Life: 2 year
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* Extra wide backrest seat with seamless upholstery for total patient comfort with double articulated headrest
* Aluminum alloy chair to prevent rusting
* Movable right armrest
* Synchronized movement of a seat backrest
* 7 Programs in the chair which include 4 programmable working positions, preset auto return to zero, spitting last working position
* Trendelenburg position for dental emergencies
* Independent up/down chair movements along with back/forth backrest movements
* Safety system on chair base, backrest assistant side to prevent entrapment
* Chair base can also be used for operating the sections (high-low)
* The LCD display illustrates instruments speed other several icons provide information on dental unit/operations


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