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Angel Yankauer Suction Set Crown Tip Vented 7 MM

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• Yankaur suction set is suitable for convenient removal of secretion, blood and debris etc per operatively.
• Complete set is provided with yankaur suction tip mounted on two meter long ribbed tube provided with Universal connector at both ends.
• Universal connectors are moulded from soft PVC, so as to accommodate the Suction tip on one end and all type of connectors of suction apparatus at the other end.
• Ribbed tube is kink resistant and has the strength to withstand the suction.
• Sterile, individually packed in peelable soft blister pack.
• Tube length : 200cm
• OD : 9mm
• ID : 6mm.

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• Angel Yankauer Suction Set Crown Tip Vented 7 MM.


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