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Avasarala Anesthesia workstation (Elite 915)

Quick Overview

• Complete integration of Anesthesia system built-in ventilator and CO2 Absorber system
• Colour coded ring indexed pipeline connections
• Pin indexed yoke for two O2 & one N2O cylinders
• Anti Hypoxic Device with lever mechanism to prevent flows of less than 21% of Oxygen & 1:3 ratio conformity
• Five tube Rotameter for O , N2O and Air with back light
• Dual Selectatec Vaporizer mount
• Non-Return valve on Back Bar to protect vaporizer
• Patient Block with 22m / 15f mm Common gas outlet
• Emergency O2 flush button & patient safety blow off valve at 50cm of H2O
• Pneumatic Oxygen failure alarm with N2O cut-off mechanism
• O2 reservoir storage backup & Auxillary O2 outlet
• CO Absorber with dual canister, canister bypass switch, bellows assembly, Auto / Manual ventilation switch & manometer.
• Scavenging System

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• Input power-220/240 VAC 50HZ 60mA
• Battery back-up-3 Hours(On full charge)
• Display parameter-Pressure VS time waveform,T volume airway pressure-dynamic & peak,battery status & alarms


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