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AND Non Mercury Sphygmomanometers UM-102

Quick Overview

* Auscaltory blood pressure measurement
* Digital readout for pulse rate
* Cuff holder and grip for carrying
* Durable and chemical resistant body
* Full ABS housing light weight body
* Professional cuff and 5 cuff sizes are available for use
* Adjustable display column for easier analysis of result
* Easy battery replacement
* Anti-glare display minimizes reflected light
* Adult Cuff (22-32cm), Rubber Bulb Unit, 2 x AA Battery
* Approx. 98 x 67 x 324 mm. Approx- 600g
* 3 Year's Warranty
GMDN: 47489
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In 2005, A&D developed the world s first hybrid traditional style sphygmomanometer.UM-102 is the 2nd generation model in this category. Two separate versions of the UM-102 are available. We provide a standard portable model as well as a dual-use model.
As a leading manufacturer of digital blood pressure monitors, A&D is responding to the 'Minamata Convention on Mercury', and has developed a series of new professional blood pressure monitors, the UM Series.


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