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AND Medical Upper Arm BP Monitor (UA-767S-W)

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*Features :
• Latex-free and metal-free SlimFit cuff (UA-767S : 22-32cm).
• Latex-free Wide range cuff (UA-767S-W : 22-42cm).
• %IHB Indicator to show frequency of Irregular Heartbeat.
• Cuff Fit Error Indicator.
• Movement Error Indicator.
• WHO Blood Pressure Classification Indicator.
• 60-memory + Average Reading.
GMDN: 63088
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*Specifications :
• The UA-767S is also the successor of the UA-767 series for single user focused on **Simple operation**.
• Ease of use as it is, new feature %IHB is installed, also the number of memory has been upgraded to 60.*


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