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AND Medical Upper Arm BP Monitor (UA-651SL)

Quick Overview

*Features :
• Latex-free and metal-free SlimFit Cuff (UA-651:22-32cm / UA-651SL:23-37cm)
• Irregular HeartBeat (IHB) indicator.
• WHO Blood pressure classification indicator.
• 30 record memory + average reading.
GMDN: 63088
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*Specifications :
• All the essential functions for blood pressure monitoring in a smart compact unit.
• The UA-651 was designed with A&D's original concept of blood pressure monitors for easy and accurate monitoring in mind.
• With a 3-line display and one-touch operation, it retains our fundamental principle of designing easy-to-use monitors.
• UA-651 is also equipped with our world leading technologies: IHB and WHO classification indicators.
• In addition, the latex-free and metal-free SlimFit cuff will provide more comfortable measurement for sensitive skin.*


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