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AND Medical Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor (TM-2657P/VP)


Quick Overview

*Features :
• Compact size
• Light weight &Either arm measurement
• One-touch measurement
• Large LED display
• Quick printout (on TM-2655P model only)
• Dual RS-232C ports
• A free-area printout capability (bitmap image on each slip) is available for TM-2655P.*
GMDN: 63088 Shelf Life: 5 year
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*Specifications :
• Nowadays, modern hospitals are required to give more attention to each and every patient.
• Repeated testing to diagnose a patient can consume valuable time.
• TheTM-2655 series fully automatic blood pressure monitor enables patients to take their own BP measurement, without the support of hospital personnel.
• The TM-2655 Fully Automatic BP Monitor helps achieve efficient and quality treatment of patients, while at the same time lightening the workload of hospital personnel.*


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