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AND Medical All-in-one Blood Pressure Monitor (UM-211)

Quick Overview

*Features :
• Dual measurement mode (Auscultatory and Oscillometric).
• Cuff holder and grip for carrying.
• Durable and chemical resistant body.
• Professional cuff and 5 cuff sizes are available for use.
• Large LCD display with backlight.
• Rechargeable battery (300 measurements at full charged).
• Adjustable inflation pressure (AUTO/220/250/280).
• Irregular HeartBeat (IHB) indicator.
• Room temperature display.
GMDN: 63088
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*Specifications :
• UM-211 is designed for multipurpose use in hospitals.
• This model is available for dual measurement mode, auscultatory mode with use of the stethoscope and oscillometric mode.
• UM-211' s auscultatory mode is designed for daily and frequent use.
• Selectable deflation speed (2.5mmHg /sec. or 5.0mmHg / sec.) and quick start for auscultatory mode are features ‘Only from A&D'


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