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AND Kiosk Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor TM-2657P

Quick Overview

* User-friendly small footprint & barrier-free design
* One-touch measurement
* *Torque Controlled Belt drive Method* (TCBM)
* Antibacterial arm cuff cover (included as standard)
* Optional extension communication board (RS-232C and/or Bluetooth)
* Reliable high speed printer with easy paper replacement
* Various print formats available upon user request
* Irregular Heart Beat (IHB) indicated on printout
* Light weight &Either arm measurement
* Large LED display
* 241(W)x324(H)x390(D)mm (9.5(W)x13.0(H)x15.4(D)inches)
* Approx- 6 Kg
* NIBP Module with BPM
* 3 Year's Warranty
GMDN: 63088
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The TM-2657P is the latest model in the range of freestanding fully automatic blood pressure monitors, whose ground-breaking designs have been well received and have created many new applications, places of use, and markets.
The main reasons for the high reputation of the previous models are their fast and accurate measurement, compact profile, ease-of-use, and durability. The TM-2657P offers a diverse selection for connectivity and helps to expand market potential in various locations and areas of everyday life such as hospitals, medical clinics, health checkups, corporate wellness, pharmacy services, and fitness centers.The *Torque Controlled Belt drive Method* (TCBM) adopted for the cuff fastening method is an ccurate, durable and reliable oscillometric measurement of blood pressure on the upper arm relies on the correct cuff/bladder dimensions and pressure applied.

TCBM holds the upper arm perfectly with a personalized cuff circumference, the same measurement preparation carried out by clinical nurses


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