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Features :
* Both SAVER ONE T Versions come equipped with one set of Adult and Pediatric reusable training pads, a remote control, an accumulator with its charger, a quick reference card, an user manual and a carrying case.
* The Advanced version provides to instructors 4 extra scenarios which can be fully customized via personal computer, once connected to AED Trainer with USB cable, using a dedicated software.
comes with:
1 nylon carry case
2 pairs of training pads
1 cable for training pads
1 remote control
1 rechargeable battery
1 smart charger
GMDN: 48046
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Specifications :
* A smart and easy-to-use AED Trainer providing realistic training for many responders simultaneously.
* Designed to meet needs of any instructor, it helps your responders learn to use defibrillators in simulated sudden cardiac arrest episodes for an extremely realistic training experience.
* A non-shocking unit that follows the 1, 2, 3-step operations of the Saver One defibrillator and guides responders, with voice prompts in various languages, from ECG analysis untilshock and CPR.
* It is pre-configured with 10 realistic training scenarios manageable from distance with a wireless remote control and is equipped with a rechargeable battery which allows a 20 hours of continuous operating.


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