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AMI ITALIA Saver One P, 200J

Quick Overview

Features :
* Semi-Automatic AED with ECG Monitoring
* Supreme graphical user interface and new tools to have total control of the defibrillator
* Biphasic escalating energy from 50 to 200J
* Slight yet solid with long-lasting battery options to ensure the best outdoor and mobile use
* Functionality guaranteed by daily self-test
* Wider connectivity with removable card, USB and IrDA Port optional with Print Configuration
* Unique features combined with available configurations give rise to exclusive devices
* CE, ISO, TGA approved
GMDN: 48045
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Specifications :
* Able to act as an AED, Manual Defibrillator, or a basic Cardiac Monitoring device.
* Practical and flexible with Advanced PBLS feature enabling healthcare providers to use the 15:2 CV ratio when
performing a Pediatric Basic Life Support


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