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AMI ITALIA Saver One D (Semi-Automatic AED with ECG Monitoring) : SVD-B0004 (Standard 200J)

Quick Overview

Features :
* Helpful 3-buttons Menu to navigate the software and set up device
* 5.7* TFT Color Display the most comprehensive and detailed, provides valuable information to rescuers running text and interactive graphics in tandem with voice messages
GMDN: 48045
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Specifications :
* Semi-Automatic AED per default, with intuitive graphics trusty for first responders or lay rescuers (even untrained), provides step-by-step clear instructions helping them to take action through the rescue process and save lives with confidence.
* ECG MONITORING Mode : The AED, after the shock, can be switched to ECG Monitoring mode in order to watch over the heart rhythm rate while using the same defibrillation pads or, in case of longer monitoring, by placing standard ECG electrodes to a separate optional patient monitoring reusable cable.


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