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AMI ITALIA Saver One AED (Semi-Automatic PAD) : SVO-B0002 (Power 360J)

Quick Overview

Features :
* Intuitive & Easy to Use: simple design; instructions with a calm and clear voice; help and guide to CPR (with metronome)
* Resistant & Manageable: solid and extremely light; resistant to impact and falls (IEC 60601-1 clause 21); IP54 protection against dust and water (EN 60529)
* Precise & Intelligent:intelligent algorithm to detect arrhythmias in less than 10 seconds; able to analyze all the different characteristics of the ECG and identify the shockable rhythms (FV / TV) that need a
* fast & efficient download : loading in d*5 seconds. Energy delivered with BTE technology, a very effective biphasic wave that adapts to the patient's chest impedance.
* Maintenance-free: they do not require specific maintenance programs; they perform automatic self-tests (daily, monthly, half-yearly); provided with status LEDs that indicate the ready use of the device and / or the low level of the battery.
GMDN: 48045
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Specifications :
* SAVER ONE AEDs are designed for a public access use and licensed to administer fast and safe rescues.
* Highly-effective and user-friendly for any lay rescuer, even without minimal training.
* SAVER ONE Semi and Fully Automatic defibrillators are two dependable members of our AED family.
* The Fully Automatic administers a defibrillating shock (when appropriate) with no shock button for the user to press while the Semi-Automatic administers a shock at the press of a button


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