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Ambu Aura 40 Size-2.5

Quick Overview

  • Built-in, anatomically correct curve for easy insertion
  • Reinforced tip will not bend during insertion so placement is always correct
  • Cuff and airway tube molded as single unit for extra safety
  • Extra soft cuff ensures the best possible seal with least possible internal pressure
  • Inflation line is firmly affixed to an airway tube for 3-6 cm to prevent tangles
  • Color-coded pilot balloon identifies mask size and provides precise tactile indication of degree of inflation
  • Universal valve
  • Convenient depth marks
  • The ambu aura40 is the world's first reusable laryngeal mask to feature a built-in curve that carefully replicates natural human anatomy. This curve is molded directly into the tube so correct insertion is easy without abrading the upper airway
  • Unique curve also ensures that the patient's head remains in a more natural position when the mask is in use without extra stress on the upper jaw. Moreover, Aura40 is specially designed to give the airway tube the flexibility needed to adapt to individual anatomical variances and a wide range of head positions.
  • Aura40 also features a reinforced tip, which helps prevent folds during insertion that can cause improper positioning and possible airway leak. Convenient depth marks provide a visual indication of the mask position and the flat underside of the tube makes it easier to grip. In short, positioning is fast and accurate, each and every time

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Product Overview:
  • Ambu Aura40 Reusable Laryngeal Mask is designed to improve performance and increase safety.
Product Code 326 250 000
Mask Size 2 ½
Patient Weight 20-30 kg
Maximum Cuff Inflation Volume 14 ml
Maximum Intracuff Pressure 60 cm H2O
Airway Connector 15 mm Male (ISO 5356-1)
Min. I.D. Tube 8.5 mm
Max. O.D. Tube 17.5 mm
Inflation Valve Luer Connector (ISO 594-1)
Storage Temperature 10° C To 25°
Internal Volume Of Ventilatory Pathway 15 ml
Pressure Drop <0.5 cm H2O At 15/min
Min. Interdental Gap 21 mm
Internal Pathway 15.9 cm


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