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Alps Comfy Pocket Model Hearing Aid

Quick Overview

* Economically Priced Pocket hearing aid
* Sturdy and good looking housing with attractive finish.
* Covers Loss between 40-75db
* Available in 3 versions :
* Strong
* Moderate
* Mild
* Fitted with Gold Plated battery contacts to suit the humid/tropical Indian Climate.

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Alps Comphy Pocket Model Hearing Aid Alps Comprise One Of The Most Comprehensive Hearing Device Lines Available. Whether Your Needs Are For A Compact Portable Instrument Or A Full Functioning Clinical Instrument You Are Sure To Find A Product That Fits Your NeedsAlps Products Are Developed Using Only The Latest Hearing Technology And Are Designed To Fit Just About Any Lifestyle And Hearing Loss - Useful For Mild-Moderately Severe Hearing Losses - Versatile And Sturdy Device - High Power And Low Noise


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