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ALOKA Prosound 2 Ultrasound Machine - 2009 (Refurbished)

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Features :
Extended Pure Harmonic Detection (ExPHD)
* Tissue Harmonic Echo by phase-modulation method is the standard specification. The system offers images of high accuracy by reducing unnecessary echoes without sacrificing sensitivity.
Multi Frequency Imaging (MFI)
* A single probe can provide multiple transmission frequencies that can be selected according to the physique of the patient.
Edge Enhancement Function
* Edges of tissues such as intima of the carotid artery are emphasized for clear visualization
* USB memory port is equipped as a standard item ensuring efficient digital data management
* 10.4 inch LCD monitor
* Foldable operation panel

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Specifications :
* The ProSound 2 has been developed to meet the demand for high image quality in a portable unit.
* It features user-friendly simple operation with a variety of optional probes, making it ideal for today's increasingly diversifying examination environment thanks to its enhanced flexibility and ingenuity.


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