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Air Liquide Monnal T60 Transport (Neonatal)

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* The Monnal T60 is an intelligently designed emergency medical ventilator adaptive to all respiratory environments, with a unique Cardio Pulmonary Ventilation (CPV) feature. Created by France s Air Liquide Medical Systems  world expert and innovator in the field of medical products  it is specifically designed to provide:
* An automatic mode that's activated by simply adjusting the weight (IBW) for quick and safe starting of the medical ventilation
* Peak flow of 230 l/min for effective respiratory assistance in NIV
* Capacity to treat critical patients, from newborns to adults
* Screen readability in all conditions
* Hot swappable capacity, allowing continuous ventilation even when switching batteries
* Bright and visible colour illuminations for heightened alert visibility
* Adaptable, convenient fastening and transport systems: special carry bag, and a wall-mounted charging station for ambulances (10 G), support hooking to patient s bed
* Optional support hooks that can hang on a bedside or other structures, for added convenience
* Monnal T60 advantages light and compact: 3,7 kg autonomous in air and electricity: 5 hours extendable with interchangeable batteries for continuity of operations and increased transportation options robust and resistant over time

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* Air Liquide Monnal T60 Transport (Neonatal).
* Large color touch screen
* Light and compact
* Alarm zones that are highly visible and can be disabled
* Exhaled CO2 monitoring
* Integrated and protected Monnal EVA expiratory valve.
* Ergonomic control knob: quick use
* Full range of ventilation modes: IV and NIV
* Large monitoring zone: ventilation safety
* 5 hours autonomy
* FiO2 adjustment from 21 to 100%


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