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Aero Oxygen Concentrator 5L


Quick Overview

Product Overview:
  • The Aero Oxygen Concentrator is a medical device that is used concentrate oxygen from gas supply.
Main Material Molecular sieve
Power supply AC 220V ± 22V, 50Hz ±1Hz
Oxygen Flow 1~5 L/min
Gross wt./Net wt. 31.8 / 25.8 kg.
Nebulizing rate 0.2ml/min
Oxygen Concentration 0.93
Output pressure 0.04 Mpa~0.05 Mpa
Input Power 600VA
Capacity 5 L
Weight 13 kgs
Power Consumption 330 Watts
GMDN: 31321 Shelf Life: MBHS0013
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  • Makes oxygen from air under normal temperature
  • High quality molecular sieve with the PSA method to get high-purity oxygen.
  • Uses pressure swing adsorption technology to concentrate oxygen
  • Two settings: Pulse Dose and Continuous Flow
  • Pulses Dose: used in daytime
  • Continuous Flow: used at night


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