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Adonis C Arm (Refurbished)


Quick Overview

* Microprocessor Controlled X-Ray Operations.
* Ergonomic Design with user friendly functions.
* High Brightness 1.1, High Sensitivity, CCD CAMERA & TV System with Memory Storage System.
* Standby for Workstation.
* Cordless Remote.
* Monitoring System
* Digital Display for mAs , kVp ,Technic, X-Ray ON & Overload Protection.
* Independent kVp , mA , mAs Techniques for better radiographic fluoroscopic results .
* Microprocessor based system for accurate time selection for exposure.
* Automatic Overload protection with visual & audible indication for longer life of the Tube.
* Automatic Brightness Control.
* Single step kVp selection. Single step mAs selection.
* Illuminated Front Panel for easy selection even in dim lit rooms.
* Soft Touch keys for mAs selection, mA selection, Radiography/ Fluoroscopy selection & exposure.
* Computerized Work Station with the following
* Last Image Hold, Pulsed Mode, Live Mode , Recursive Filter , Contrast Enhancement, Negative Image , Zoom both in Horizontal & Vertical Direction , Mirror Images , Upside Down Image etc. Large Data Image Storage Facility both in Frame by Frame mode and in Movie mode. Added CD writer for recording on the CD

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* Adonis C Arm (Refurbished).


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