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Features :
* ACME designs and produces ultrasonic cleaners for all fi elds in which it is necessary to achieve highest standards of detersion in a short time: medical and hospital, dental, pharmaceutical, chemical, industrial and electronics.
* Ultrasonic cleaning is in fact the most effective method for deep cleaning of diffi cult particulars or objects of various and complex shapes.
* After setting time and temperature, it is quick to activate the ultrasonic SONIC SB system.
* Thanks to the SWEEP mode, which automatically controls the frequency according to the load, the effi cacy of cleansing is optimized in all working conditions.
* ACME ultrasonic cleaners are easy and intuitive to use and highly effi ciency in cleaning, available in three different dimensions (capacity 6, 9 and 20 liters) they are the result of a modern enigineering that also takes into account maintenance, to ensure maximum effi ciency over time.
* With an innovative design, these machines are available in a white version - lighter and cheaper - and in a blue version - more resistant to shocks and chemicals.
GMDN: 36749
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Specifications :
* Real capacity : 6 litres
* External dimensions : 385x345x250 h (mm)
* Internal dimensions : 297x238x100 h (mm)
* Mains power supply : 220-240 Vac / 50-60 Hz
* Max power absorbed : 450 W
* Power absorbed by the heater : 200 W
* Weight : 9 Kg


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