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Features :
* ACME autoclave range is designed to optimize the operator s work by ensuring an effective sterilization of surgical instruments. All our machines are class B-S-N products, to ensure maximum fl exibility of use.
* The volume of sterilization chambers is designed to optimize the ratio between external dimensions of the autoclave and the load of the material to be sterilized (up to 8 Kg on the ST30 model), with a consequent saving of time and reduction of management costs.
* Available in two models with fractionated vacuum and with 20 and 30 liters capacity..
* Both models are equipped with integrated printer and RS232 serial port for data exchange with IT systems.
GMDN: 38671
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Specifications :
* Capacity : 30 litres
* External dimensions : 555x720x520 h (mm)
* Chamber dimensions : 267x544 (mm)
* Mains power supply : 220-240 Vac / 50-60 Hz
* Max power absorbed : 2000 W
* Net weight : 86 Kg
* Maximum working temperature : 138°C


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