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Accurex AccuSafe Lancets


Quick Overview

  • Safe:
  • Auto-retractable: prevents accidental needle stick injuries (NSI) before and after use
  • Single-use and sterile: eliminates cross infection
  • Internationally certified: CE, USFDA, TUV, OSHA-compliant and meets CDC guidelines
  • Simple
  • Quick: preset, no loading device needed
  • Innovative: patented ergonomic design and touch-activated
  • Comfortable:
  • Virtually pain free: ultrafine smooth needle; siliconized and electropolished
  • Consistent: fixed needle gauge (28G) and controlled penetration depth (1.8mm) for consistent blood volumes

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Product Overview:
  • Accurex Accusafe Touch is a safety lancets for capillary blood Sampling.
Pack Size 100’s


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