About Medikabazaar

Medikabazaar is India's largest marketplace of medical devices, medical equipment, and supplies, offering a host of benefits and services to hospitals and medical establishments. The concept is unique, for we provide our customers with a digital platform for procurement and purchase of medical supplies beyond geographical boundaries.

We focus on easing the process of procuring and purchasing medical supplies by redefining the existing supply chain and logistics. Medikabazaar not only offers medical supplies but also provides customers with easy access to new technologies all over the world as well as comparison options based on product features and prices.

Medikabazaar has an unconventional user-friendly interface which helps users maintain reports and analysis based on past purchases, recommendations, quotations and pricing of competitive products. Medikabazaar is growing tremendously since its inception and has successfully gained registrations in 5000+ hospitals & medical institutions and 8000+ customers buying regularly from the online platform.