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Autoclave Front Loading, B Class Equitron

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Features :
* EQUITRON Advantages:
* Inbuilt recipes for easy operation.
* Advanced customised PLC based control ensures repeatability & accuracy.
* Online printing to a thermal printer (optional) for improved monitoring.
* Construction / Standard Features:
* Safer and more reliable door structure. A door with locking feature prevents opening while the chamber is under pressure to help minimize dangers to operator.
* Exhaust steam is discharged to an inbuilt water collection tank thus keeping the room steam free.

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Specifications :
* EQUITRON Class B Autoclaves are designed to perform cycles that meet the criteria specified in EN 13060 European standard.
* For Hollow, packed load, fabrics as well as porous items that do not exceed the specifications of Hollow load Type A.
* Ideal for Dental, Ophthalmic Surgeons, Surgical Doctors, Polyclinics, Hospitals & Operation theatres.


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