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3M Steri-Drape Pouch with Ioban 2 Incise Film, Extra Large, 6659

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* Loban 2 incise film provides continuous broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity to reduce risk of surgical-site contamination
* Film adheres securely to the skin and the wound edge to provide a barrier to bacteria on the skin
* 360-degree pouch provides optimal fluid collection to minimize contact with fluid and can help to reduce risk of contamination to OR team
* Fluids can be suctioned off easily for safe disposal
* Facilitates cleanup and reduces OR turnaround time
* Enhances OR safety by keeping fluids off the floor
* Clinically shown to help reduce the risk of wound contamination and immobilize bacteria on the skin

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* Compression Apparel: General Incise
* Length: 35 in
* Length (Metric): 89 Centimeter
* Procedure: General Surgery
* Product Type: Plastic Specialty Drapes
* Width: 30 in
* Width (Metric): 76 Centimeter


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