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3M Steri-Drape Irrigation Pouch, 1016

Quick Overview

* Strong polyethylene film, resistant to fluid strike through, withstands heavy manipulation during use
* Clear plastic film allows for visualization of contents
* Filter screen of the pouch catches bone chips and tissue for specimen
* Exit port of the pouch allows for continuous suction from pouch to handle big amounts of fluids, reducing cleaning time
* Matte finish reduces glare from drape surface
* Malleable wire strips hold the pouch open for optimal fluid collection
* Latex-free for patient and healthcare worker safety
* Meets flammability class 1 (CFR Title 16 Part 1610)

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* Accessories: Bags and Pouches
* Length (Metric): 50 cm
* Material: Plastic
* Product Type: Plastic Specialty Drapes
* Sterile: Yes
* Width (Metric): 60 cm


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