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3M Steri-Drape Arthroscopy Sheet with Pouch, 1194

Quick Overview

* Two elastomeric apertures isolate the operative site at the knee and the ankle
* Low profile roomy pouch stays out of the surgeons way
* Dual exit ports on both sides of rectangular pouch provide better fluid control
* Malleable metal wire keeps the pouch open for optimal fluid collection
* Surgical drape sheets with a low-profile, includes fluid collection pouch that will collect fluids from the operative site during arthroscopic surgery. Available with two exit ports for drainage

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* Length (Metric): 228 cm
* Material: Fabric
* Procedure: Orthopedic
* Product Type: Fabric Drapes
* Product Use: Procedure Specific
* Sterile: Yes
* Width (Metric): 304 cm


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