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1Mile Crepe Bandage 8cm


Quick Overview

Features :
* Properties :
* Ideal for light compression
* Comes with clips to hold the bandage in place
* Very soft, comfortable and breathable to skin
* Cotton/poly blend yarn offers excellent elasticity and fit
* Special Features :
* Main features include sealed edges, latex free composition, non slippery texture, clips for retention, fully stretchable, washable etc.
* Indications for use :
* Treatment of Varicose Veins, CVI, DVT
* Support bandage in Sprain & Strain
* Retention of dressing, splints, hot/cold packs
* Prophylaxis against sport injuries
* Size : 8cm * 4m
* Washing Instructions :
* Wash in lukewarm water, squeeze gently and dry on flat surface. Do not iron.

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Specifications :
* 1Mile Crepe Bandage 8cm
* Size : 8cm * 4m


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