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12-Channel Holter Recorder (TLC-5000)

Quick Overview


* Windows software interface
* Quick and accurate analyzing system
* Special editing system of R point
* Perfect analysis function of ST segment
* The analysis function of T wave of all.channels and T wave trend graph
* Review of the ECG trend graph
* The analysis system of HR variability, providing the regular SDNN, SDANN, RMSSD, LF, HF, time domain, and frequency domain
* QT analysis and QT trend graph
* Acquire pacing ECG directly without separate channel, also have the functions of VCG,LPG, high frequency ECG, FCG. (option)

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* 12 Channel Synchronized ECG Acquisition
* Small ECG recorder with OLED color screen which can display real time ECG waveform and review storage data.
* Capacity is up to 2G
* Selectable sampling rate, 200, 500, 1000 sampling/sec
* Sampling accuracy : 12 bit
* Build-in FLASH storage media, which can refrain the flash card from damage by repeatedly inserted and pull out
* USB interface
* 1 Holter recorder
* 1 CD of software
* 10 pieces of patient cable
* 10 pieces of disposable ECG sensor
* 1 porch for hanging recorder
* 1 USB cable for data download
* Instruction Manual
* 1 year warranty


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